Friday, March 13, 2009

Prom Season

It's Spring, and the means it's almost time for Prom!

Let me tell you a quick story before we get on to the dresses. There is a great guy in my home ward, let's call him Jimmy. Jimmy is amazing - cute, smart, nice, participates in sports and choir, and was even voted as Homecoming King by his high school class. He's a total catch. Last year, when Prom Season was gearing up, a nice girl asked Jimmy if he would go with her to the Prom. He thought about it, and then replied, "Sure - if you'll wear a dress that is modest." (Keep in mind that Jimmy is LDS but the girl is not.) The girl ultimately decided she didn't want to, and Jimmy found another (great!) date, who wore a beautiful and appropriate dress. I just think that's an amazing example!

Now - onto the dresses!

It can be a bit tricky finding a gorgeous prom dress that is also appropriate. But here are a few options I've come up, and will continue to add more as I find more! Please comment or email me with questions/suggestions/comments!

A little black dress this one from White House Black Market is the perfect starting place. Add some silver or gold high heel sandals, your beautiful corsage, some chandalier earrings, have your hair in a super-fly updo and you will be a stunner at the prom!

I actually just bought this dress from J. Crew in Espresso brown. It comes in tons of colors (I think the espresso, black, green and yellow are especially cute) and could be styled so many different ways. I am planning to wear it as pictured, with gold heels, when I go out on the town! Use your imagination and try out different combos of accessories - big cocktail ring and a big earring. A big cuff bracelet and a simple necklace. Try out different colors and mix and match. Have fun with it!

The long white version of the dress from J. Crew (the longer version of the dress above) looks a bit bridal to me, but they also sell it in black, which I think is so very elegant. Hair up or down flowing, like in the photo, either way would look so beautiful. Sometimes simple is the best!
This is a really pretty turquoise dress by Suzi Chin but I wasn't able to download the photo. I love the belt detailing on it.

This dress by Shabby Apple is made for dancing!! I love how this is styled in the photo - fun hair, dangly earrings, stacks of bangles and heels. The only change I would make is to put in a strappy high heel sandal instead of a pump. It's prom night baby - go all out!

Sometimes for evening events, you just want a long dress! This dress by Tadashi is so elegant. You will spend prom looking like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly! I know I keep saying it, but put on a pretty silver or gold high heel. Wear some big dangly earrings, or an elegant pearl drop earring and dance the night away with your own Cary Grant! OR wear your hair big and curly, add some funkier accessories and rock the night away in your own individualized style!

Here is a great satin dress by Chetta B. Such a clean, classic shape! This dress would be stunning with silver or gold shoes - or any color really! You could wear hot pink satin shoes, or spiky black pumps. I like metallic for the evening, they just seem really festive to me. A stack of shimmery bangles would be great, or a big fun sparkly cocktail ring. (But not both! That would be too much.) You could even get a big sparkly brooch and pin it on the waist band to really dress this up. Top it all off with a rockin' updo and some smoky eyes!

This dress is by Ali Ro. I think the color is really pretty and the ruffles are fun. Get a great pair of shoes, probably silver strappy sandals, a nice chunky bangle or two, some chandalier earrings and your hair done and you'll look like a rock star!

A couple of other things:
If you wear strappy sandals, or any kind of open toe shoe, make sure you get a pedicure. It's worth the $35 splurge. They are fun, feel amazing, and your feet will look so polished! (Literally!!) It's one of those little extras that really makes a big difference.

A great place to get prom shoes is at Filene's Basement. They sell tons of different brands, and they're usually discounted fairly well. I also like to shop for shoes at You can search for every combination of color, heel height, anything! They have free shipping, which I think is amazing. I've heard great things about Lela Rose's new wedding collection at Payless - someone go check them out and let me know! J.Crew also has cute shoes, and any department store (Macy's, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf's, etc) will have a great selection of shoes.

I think getting your hair done at a salon is also something really fun for prom. They can do things to my hair that I'm just not able to do! If you can't afford it, no worries, just play with your hair and practice doing your prom style several times so you are comfortable with it and not rushing or upset on prom night! I was recently flipping through the most recent InStyle Weddings magazine, and was amazed at how pretty the hair styles were in the hair article. There were at least 6-7 different styles, for both long and short hair. Go check it out! It's the article featuring actress Sarah Shahi.

I also think, if you have time and can afford it, that having your makeup done at the salon is really fun. It's just a totally luxurious and girly thing to do. Plus, you can have your make-up artist put on false eyelashes for you. I think false eyelashes really just make a look *pop*! Again, though, if you can't, that's no problem. Sephora sells great false eyelashes, and if you practice enough, you can get really good at putting them on. I've finally learned how to apply them well!

Again, please comment or email with any thoughts, questions or comments! I would love to hear all about your prom dresses and plans for prom night!!!

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