Tuesday, February 10, 2009


To all the ladies out there who like to dress stylishly and strikingly but struggle to find pieces that have sleeves and necklines higher than your belly button, this is the place for you!!

I love clothes and fashion and putting together amazing outfits. What I don't love is needing to layer a tank top under capsleeved tee under a dress, just to ensure that everything is covered the way it needs to be covered. It can be so hard to find cute clothes that fit the bill. I've done tons of searches on the internet for websites that sell dresses with sleeves, cap sleeved tees, and I've never really found what I'm looking for. So I thought I would create it myself.

My mission: to create this site as a "General Store" of sorts, pulling together the things I love that are actually wearable by us ladies who desire a little more coverage. I hope it helps you out! Please comment on the things you would like to see!

And remember, you're looking great today!

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